Top 10 gadgets at risk of becoming extinct in 2014

gleichklang partnersuche erfahrungen Top 10 gadgets at risk of becoming extinct in 2014

mollige frau sucht mann Online retailer has published a list of gadgets and tech at risk of becoming obsolete.

die zeit kontaktbörse The list, which was compiled by a panel of experts, revealed that the alarm clock is the most endangered tech as it’s being replaced by the smartphone.

partner kostenlos finden Sat Navs are also predicted to be on their way out. Again, smartphones get the blame for this, with many having built in maps and navigation apps.

partnervermittlung marokko The third most endangered tech is the iPod dock. With Apple’s latest devices featuring a different connector, users have to buy a new dock or buy an adapter. Many are choosing to use Bluetooth streaming instead.

Here are’s top 10 endangered technologies:
1. Alarm Clocks
2. Stand-alone sat navs
3. iPod docks
4. Flip cameras
5. Blu-Ray players
6. DVD players
7. The Watch
8. Blackberry
9. TV Remote control
10. Small Portable TVs

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