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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 world conquest plan: folders!

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Robe plissée manches au coude Ebin published a link to a Microsoft page categorised as having something to do with Windows Phone 8 and the title “Create folders on my Start screen”. That page has since disappeared from, but not from Google’s cache.

Robe cachemire sans manches The page offers the following procedure for creating a folder:

  • On Start Start button, tap and hold a Tile.
  • Drag the Tile on top of another Tile that you want to have in the same folder. You have just created a folder!
  • To name the folder, tap Name folder, and then type whatever name you like.
  • To add another Tile to the folder, simply tap and hold a Tile, and then drag it into the folder.

In other words, exactly the same folder-creating routine from iOS and Android.

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