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Got a Netgear router from Virgin Media? Change your admin password NOW

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Wi-Fi cred-baring vuln lets attackers take full control

free chat with local singles online A Wi-Fi security flaw leaves Virgin Media subscribers’ wireless connections vulnerable to takeover by hackers.

married men website The vulnerability, identified by IT consultant Paul Moore, means Virgin Media Superhub router/modem combo devices leak users’ passwords every time they reboot. The issue arises because the Netgear-manufactured device initially brings up the wireless network without any form of encryption, allowing it to accidentally leak its Wi-Fi password in the clear to anyone nearby.

 “After the seven-second window, the router takes the Wi-Fi card offline, enables encryption and brings the card back up,” Moore explains. “That’d be great, if we hadn’t already broadcast the encryption key to everyone nearby.”

amor en linea colombia bogota Moore added:  That’s akin to reading your password aloud while you change it.

pagina de buscar pareja gratis Moore warns that hackers can take advantage of the vulnerability by forcing a device within range to reboot before snaffling the password. He wrote a proof-of-concept script that could automate this task while acting as a worm going from one router to another.

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