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Got a Netgear router from Virgin Media? Change your admin password NOW

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Wi-Fi cred-baring vuln lets attackers take full control

fenchel brustwachstum A Wi-Fi security flaw leaves Virgin Media subscribers’ wireless connections vulnerable to takeover by hackers.

penislengte The vulnerability, identified by IT consultant Paul Moore, means Virgin Media Superhub router/modem combo devices leak users’ passwords every time they reboot. The issue arises because the Netgear-manufactured device initially brings up the wireless network without any form of encryption, allowing it to accidentally leak its Wi-Fi password in the clear to anyone nearby.

 “After the seven-second window, the router takes the Wi-Fi card offline, enables encryption and brings the card back up,” Moore explains. “That’d be great, if we hadn’t already broadcast the encryption key to everyone nearby.”

mellnagyobbítás árak Moore added:  That’s akin to reading your password aloud while you change it.

estetická chirurgia bratislava Moore warns that hackers can take advantage of the vulnerability by forcing a device within range to reboot before snaffling the password. He wrote a proof-of-concept script that could automate this task while acting as a worm going from one router to another.

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