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Chinese mobe market suffers pre-pwned Android pandemic

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Amazingly, it might not even be the Chinese government causing it

flirt dating website Security researchers have discovered more examples of pre-installed malware on Android smartphones.

free online date sites G DATA found that more than two dozen phones from different manufacturers were already compromised straight out of the box.

oasis online dating Kit from manufacturers including Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi have pre-installed espionage functions in the firmware. G DATA suspects that middlemen modified the device software to steal user data and inject their own advertising to earn money.

falling in love with a man Other possibilities include unintentional infection through compromised de in the supply chain (a problem which affected Vodafone Spain back in 2010) or intentional interference by government spies. Many of the models implicated in the malfeasance sell well in China.

The pre-pwned device issue has become a perennial problem for privacy-conscious smartphone users. Sticking to the Play Store, avoiding dodgy websites and following common-sense security precautions are no help in such cases.

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