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Microsoft Releases Preview of Office Apps for Android Tablets

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Microsoft released a preview of Office apps for Android tablets today, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Users of Android tablets can sign up to try the new Office apps preview at this page. Microsoft expects to have a “ männliche Leistungssteigerung general availability” release of Office apps for Android tablets sometime in “ erfahrung xtrasize early 2015.”

The preview just works on Android tablets running the KitKat operating system release. Microsoft isn’t seeking testers using Android Lollipop at this time. The sign-up page also cautions testers that “you will need to avoid any system updates to the OS on your device to continue to participate.”

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Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER

brustvergrößerung ohne op pillen Hands on The biggest Windows Phone news this week was that it’s now royalty free. This means it will cost manufacturers brustvergrößerung fetttransplantation less to make a Windows Phone than an Android phone, all other things being equal. And, of course, it also received the much-anticipated update.

Yes, it’s taken what seems like an eternity to arrive, but Windows Phone 8.1 should address many of the annoyances bothering loyal users.

Notifications, shortcuts for commonly used settings, on-device (ie, Spotlight-style) search, and a better browser are four usability features that topped every user’s list of desired improvements. Welcome to 2011, you might say. But Microsoft had a simple and distinctive system already – and it has managed to make it more convenient without making it more cluttered.
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Lost phone? Google’s got an app for that, coming this month

Free location and remote wipe service for Android devices

Google has announced that it will begin offering a free device location and security service for Android phones and tablets for the first time later this month, addressing a longstanding omission in Mountain View’s mobile OS.

According to a blog post by Android product manager Benjamin Poiesz on Friday, the forthcoming Android Device Manager (ADM) will be a combination of a mobile app and online services that will help Android customers both locate lost phones and protect their data when their devices can’t be found.

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