If you knew what was happening would you want to know?  I know that this sounds daft but we let our Clients into a Little Secret.  Some of our Clients want to use AML for support, but want to use AML as and when, so they do 99% of the work but call upon AML as and when they need to.  How do they do this?  Simple, using AML 24×7 Monitoring on their Servers and Workstations they get notifications every best raiblocks wallet 2018 usa 15 Minutes or less regarding their machines.

stellar widget euro Server Monitoring.

This is intended to be installed on Servers ranging from Server 2000 through to SBS 2011.  Click Here to read more.

zcash profit graph Workstation Monitoring

This Solutions is intended to be installed onto Workstations such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Click Here to read more.

qtum mining pool github Asset Management

Now this we through in for free.  With either of the Solutions installed it records information from Windows Version so you know simple things like Specification, Versions of Applications and when they were last rebooted.

best place to buy iotas Managed Tasks

If you require your machines to Run an Anti Virus Check or De-frag your System or Empty your Internet Explore Cache at a set time per day (for Examples), it can be very confusing how to do this.  Just like Assets Management, you get this Free with the Workstation Solution.