Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 world conquest plan: folders!

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οιστρογονα τροφεσ Ebin published a link to a Microsoft page categorised as having something to do with Windows Phone 8 and the title “Create folders on my Start screen”. That page has since disappeared from, but not from Google’s cache.

trda erekcija The page offers the following procedure for creating a folder:

  • On Start Start button, tap and hold a Tile.
  • Drag the Tile on top of another Tile that you want to have in the same folder. You have just created a folder!
  • To name the folder, tap Name folder, and then type whatever name you like.
  • To add another Tile to the folder, simply tap and hold a Tile, and then drag it into the folder.

hacer crecer pene In other words, exactly the same folder-creating routine from iOS and Android.

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