Microsoft already pointing out flaws in Office for iPad

sa lloj pidhi kemi Microsoft Excel for iPad

Workarounds needed to access documents stored in SharePoint 2010

como alongar o penes Microsoft has pointed out that the newly-released Office for iPad won’t immediately work for users of its SharePoint 2010 collaboration suite.

seios de silicone As explained in two blog posts, one covering Excel documents and the other addressing PowerPoint files, the problem is that SharePoint 2010 “requires a plugin or active X to launch client applications.”

iOS doesn’t allow plugins or Active X, so poor old SharePoint 2010 users can’t join the stampede towards Office-on-iOS, which has seen Microsoft’s latest baby shoot to the top of Apple’s sales charts.

tratament pentru cresterea sanilor natural Happily, there’s a workaround: if users of the iOS apps “Add a Place within the application that will connect to the SharePoint Document Library” and enter the appropriate details, they should be sweet.

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