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Screen cleaning

bytecoin wallet data Sensitive screen cleaning

ethereum classics total mined Our icx price chart history Multi-Screen Clene product is a gentle non-smearing, alcohol-free,  screen cleaner for use on sensitive screens such as TFT, LCD, Plasma and touch screen technologies. It can also be used to clean screens on tablets, mobile phones, handheld games consoles and MP3 players.

Anthony’s Views on Windows 8

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ethereum classic peering electronic payment system First I was afraid I was petrified; OK you can guess how the song goes.  Upgrading a working laptop is always something to be concerned over, have I backed everything up? will it work? what’s the benefit?; these are all questions which even go through a Veteran of the computer industry and even worse when it’s already working.

Well push came to shove, time to upgrade to the latest Office version, to be able to guide our clients to the latest software / hardware, I had no choice.  First move, upgrade office over Office Professional 2010 Plus to Office 2013 Professional Plus.  Installation went fine and when looking at it for the first time I thought yuck!  Basic!  But then it started to make sense.  Why had Microsoft changed a perfectly working product.  Split Platforms, putting it simply, this is accessing your data on your Mobile Device, Tablet PC and Laptop / Desktop.  The Basic appearance is set as default, but when you add them to all your devices it looks the same and copies the setting across all your devices.  So change once and hey presto, theme copied onto all devices.  The 2nd thing that got me was “How Slow!”  in Microsoft’s defence, it might have been while it was upgrading all my data to it’s latest version.  20 minutes later I had enough, it had finished upgrading Outlook etc, so was it the New version or the age of my System / Hardware.  There is only one true test, Clean Installation so the Windows 8 DVD came out.  My Laptop Specification is an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66Ghz, 2GB Ram and 160GB Hard Disk Drive.

I chose to do a Clean Installation of Windows 8 Pro and install of Office 2013 Professional.  After being drastic and biting the bullet, my old laptop is up to date in all of it’s Windows glory and seeing some nice features of Windows 8.  I have copied all my Data back from my backup and it’s all go go go

Would I have upgrade from 7 to Windows 8?

In a nut shell not really, however couple of things to think about, if you have brand new laptop then it’s a good idea to upgrade earlier rather than later as you always try to get you IT set-up on the right foot.  Putting a newer operating system onto a old laptop will not speed it up unless your running Vista.  Your machine is a lot like you.  When you look in the mirror prior to going on diet, who do you see?  You.  After the diet and looking in the mirror again who do you see?  You.  Windows 8 is a lot like you but after loosing a few lbs, it’s still you but a little lighter, bit more nimble, more energetic compared to Windows Vista.

The Start Button, Microsoft Have dropped it!

Aaarrgh, are you mental Microsoft, Dropping the Start Button?  My thoughts again totally until I started to use Windows 8.  When you think how often do you use the start button, sometimes very rarely as you create desktop short cuts and pin icons to your task bar, so when you look at it like this, it kind of makes sense.

Just a few thoughts of mine and some experience’s but don’t be afraid of Windows 8 and the new office 2013,  Microsoft are looking forward at how we are all working today and how we integrating new cloud technologies into everything we do, Remember this is the first cross platform Operating System Microsoft have produced and to be fair, its a blooming good crack.  Well Done lads.

AML Wins Award at Conference.

On Thursday 19th July, AML Midlands Ltd won an award at the Synaxon UK National Conference at Crewe.

Synaxon has in the region of 700 + Resellers under their membership and AML was short listed to win Partner of the year.  AML Midlands Ltd was the lucky winner of the reward of Partner of the year against strong competition of  Drumbrae and also from Kingsfield Computers

Anthony Lay Says “We were very happy to be told that we were short listed for this award and even happier to win it.  Within the Synaxon Community we are all winners and it’s nice to be able to have banter between our selves and the Mike (Drumbrae) and Nitesh (Kingsfield).  When you look at the type of business which we are all in, you could say that we should be competitors but in reality we are work closely and share our expertise and knowledge”


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