BlackBerry goes all ‘patch Tuesday’ with multi vuln fixes

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cosa bisogna mangiare per far crescere il pene This will do wonders for the ‘we’re the best at secure messaging’ fallback plan

esistono esercizi per allungare il pene Blackberry has issued four patches covering vulnerabilities in Flash, Webkit and libexif on its devices.

decalotarea penisului The Z10, Q10 and PlayBook all need patching for Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. If a user were led to a page containing crafted Flash content, an attacker could execute arbitrary code on an affected device. BSRT-2013-007 notes that an alternative attack would be to trick users into downloading an Adobe AIR application.

BlackBerry also states that since the Flash player isn’t enabled by default on the devices, only phones whose owners have added Flash are vulnerable.
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