Apple releases iOS 7.1 update in response to cars, complaints, vomit

Robe À frange col roulé

Robe noire col bénitier Apple has released its first major update for iOS 7 — iOS 7.1, natch — which brings “improvements and bug fixes” to Cupertinian iDevices, including improved Touch ID fingerprint recognition, the option to further reduce the UI animations that sickened some users, and improved performance on the iPhone 4.

Robe effet léopard marinière The update, released Monday, includes support for CarPlay – previously more-prosaically named “iOS in the Car” – which Apple announced at last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and which Cook & Co. said last week would first appear in vehicles from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo, with Nissan, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, and others following on.

Robe bordeaux vintage Siri also comes in for a few tweaks, including allowing you to simply release the home button to put her to work after mumbling your request rather than, as before, waiting until she recognized that you had finished speaking — a tweak that should be a boon in noisy environments.

Siri also has added what Apple describes as “new, more natural sounding” voices, both male and female, in Mandarin Chinese, UK and Australian English, and Japanese.

In a classic case of fixing a bug that no reasonable programmer ever thought would appear in the first place, iOS 7.1 “fixes display of Mail unread badges for numbers greater than 10,000.” Robe sur mesure mancherons The Reg respectfully suggests that should a user have over 10,000 unread messages on their iPhone or iPad, the bug is not to be charged to iOS, but to the fanboi.

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