Apple readying production of iPhone 5S

aumento del seno naturalmente Apple readying production of iPhone 5S

полови членове Cupertino is rumoured to be finalising plans to begin production of the iPhone 5S, the newest addition to Apple’s flagship smartphone range.

porovnani penisu The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is begin work on a new device, which would likely be a refreshed model of the current iPhone 5, similar in both size and shape.

medicina para agrandar el pené naturalmente Whilst it’s no secret that Apple is working on the next iPhone behind the scenes, the firm is traditionally remaining tight-lipped over the device.

vaje za čvrste dojke However, this latest report indicates that the next iPhone could appear by as early as this summer.

The timing would make sense as Apple will no doubt be looking to compete with Samsung’s recently released Galaxy S 4 with a device of its own.

A mid-year release of the iPhone 5S would also pave the way for the long-rumoured budget iPhone to make an appearance towards the end of the year.

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