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Robe courte manches courtes apple_iwatch

Robe À volants manches courtes The Apple iWatch has been the subject of the level of mass internet speculation usually reserved for alien conspiracy theories. And other unannounced Apple products of course.

Midi lederkleider Wearable tech was undoubtedly one of the major trends of 2012 – from sports watches that measure how long you’ve been spluttering along on your job, to ever tit-bits of info on Google Glass, which feels like it’s been in development since around the time of the industrial revolution.

Robe marron fond Along this theme, we’ve seen a lot of the big tech firms, Sony, Tom Tom, Samsung releasing or talking about come out with smartwatches – watches that can hook up to your phone or just generally do smart computer things from your wrist.

Robe sari indien crépon As with most things in the tech world, Apple’s involvement in this burgeoning sector has caused the most interest from slavering gadget fans around the world. Behind the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, the iWatch is one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets out there.

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