zcash cz kurz VOIP is an abbreviation of Voice Over Internet Protocol, in essence Telephone Communication over the Internet.  VOIP connections are fantastic connections given the right environment, such as getting them wrong and it sounds like your in a Bathroom.  We can advise where and when VOIP is great to be used.  Below is a few Example of where VOIP Connections are better than a standard Telephone system:

  • Short Term Use,  AML’s Voip trunks are a minimum of 30 days
  • Long Term Use, A VOIP Connection is fantastic if you require a telephone number in a different Geographical Area, or you are going to move around the same Telephone area.  Just because you are within a certain area code does not mean that you can move your number within it.
  • Teleworkers, You require staff or indeed yourself to have the ability to work from home, so you can a Voip extenstion to your Telephone Solution.